Krewe de Charlie Sioux

History - how the Krewe de Charlie Sioux was born

The Krewe de Charlie Sioux was established in 1995 with 25 members from Lake Charles, LA and 25 members from Sioux City, IA.  The purpose of the Krewe is to promote Mardi Gras and share cultural experiences as well as developing tourism in Lake Charles and Sioux City.

This all came about over a chance meeting between residents of both cities, a cup of coffee and talk about golf.  Plans were soon made for people from Sioux City to visit Lake Charles during Mardi Gras and people from Lake Charles to visit Sioux City during the July 4th festivities.

The Krewe was established 2 years later and has grown to a hundred members since that first gathering.  Ever since that time a delegation has been traveling back and forth to each city to celebrate Mardi Gras and July 4th.  The festivities in Sioux City include a Mardi Gras Festival which is a showcasing of beautiful Mardi Gras costumes and Cajun food for Siouxland.  Festivities also include the Big Parade through downtown Sioux City which includes beads, bands, floats, huge Macy parade balloons and a carnival for children.  This is all followed up by the nationally known Saturday in the Park with some of the best blues music one city can handle.





What is a mardi gras krewe?