Sioux City 2011 Sioux City 2011 Enjoying a little corn 131372060 Getting the costumes ready for the Festivale 131372061 Decorations! 131372062 Miss Mardi Gras of Southwest Louisiana 131372063 Outgoing King and Queen 131372064 New King and Queem 131372065 Past and Present Royalty 131372066 Duke of the Tailgate Party 131372067 Duchess of the Birthday Party 131372068 Duke of the Chicken Run 131372069 Duchess of the Garden Party 131372070 Duchess of the Prom Party 131372071 Duke of the Card Party 131372072 Duchess of the Luau 131372073 Duke of the New Year's Eve Party 131372074 Duchess of the Bachelorette Party 131372075 Duke of the Welcome Home Party 131372076 Got floaties?! 131372077 Getting ready for the parade 131372078 Krewe de Charlie Sioux getting the float ready for the parade 131372079 Royalty float in the parade 131372080 Smile!! 131372081 173365115 173365116