Lake Charles festivities February 2007 Lake Charles festivities February 2007 Can we karaoke!! 3366691 Juanita and Pat going to the Ball 3364585 We got all the beads from the Chicken Run 3364583 All dressed for the Ball 3366702 At the Chicken Run 3363996 Start of the Chicken Run 3364019 Getting ready for the parade 3364126 Waiting on the float for the parade to start 3364127 Throwing beads in the parada 3364584 All decked out after the parade 3364206 Dancin' at the block party 3364192 Strike a pose 3364323 George and his wild ride 3364388 Doing our civic duty at Abraham's Tent 3364543 Getting ready for the show 3366703 12th Night Revelers 3367000 Colorful Katie 3367006