Krewe de Charlie Sioux

History - how the Krewe de Charlie Sioux was born

The Krewe de Charlie Sioux was established in 1995 with 25 members from Lake Charles, LA and 25 members from Sioux City, IA.  The purpose of the Krewe is to promote Mardi Gras and share cultural experiences as well as developing tourism in Lake Charles and Sioux City.

This all came about over a chance meeting between residents of both cities, a cup of coffee and talk about golf.  Plans were soon made for people from Sioux City to visit Lake Charles during Mardi Gras and people from Lake Charles to visit Sioux City during the July 4th festivities.

The Krewe was established 2 years later and has grown to a hundred members since that first gathering.  Ever since that time a delegation has been traveling back and forth to each city to celebrate Mardi Gras and July 4th.  The festivities in Sioux City include a Mardi Gras Festival which is a showcasing of beautiful Mardi Gras costumes and Cajun food for Siouxland.  Festivities also include the Big Parade through downtown Sioux City which includes beads, bands, floats, huge Macy parade balloons and a carnival for children.  This is all followed up by the nationally known Saturday in the Park with some of the best blues music one city can handle.





What is a mardi gras krewe?

Kings & Queens of Krewe de Charlie Sioux


1998          Theme: Tale between 2 cities

                  King Charles I  Blaine Bourgeois

                  Queen Siouxland I  Connie Windsor


1999          Theme:

                  King Charles II  Tom Padgett

                  Queen Siouxland II  Sara Fuller


2000          Theme:

                  King Charles III Berard Beaco

                  Queen Siouxland III  Dolores Beaco


2001          Theme: Gypsy's Tramps & Thieves

                  King Charles IV  Dennis Gann

                  Queen Siouxland IV  Barb Lewis


2002          Theme:

                  King Charles V  Carl Reeves

                  Queen Siouxland V  Judy Reeves


2003          Theme:

                  King Charles VI  Jon Fuller

                  Queen Siouxland VI  Carol Roge


2004          Theme: Lewis & Clark Expedition

                  King Charles VII  Mike Glackin

                  Queen Siouxland VII  Trudy Glackin


2005          Theme:

                  King Charles VIII  Mike Bracht

                  Queen Siouxland VIII  Chris Bracht


2006          Theme: Don't Touch That Dial

                  King Charles IX  Danny Hasha

                  Queen Siouxland IX  Juanita McCray


2007          Theme: Renaissance

                  King Charles X  Joe Broussard

                  Queen Siouxland X  Julie Peterson


2008          Theme: Krewe de Charlie Sioux's World Tour

                  King Charles XI  Greg Jones

                  Queen Siouxland XI  Jeannie Lane


2009          Theme: Legends of the Silver Screen

                  King Charles XII  Dan Carlson

                  Queen Siouxland XII  Lori Marinovich


2010          Theme: Billboards Top 10 Musicians

                  King Charles XIII  Roger Caudron

                  Queen Siouxland XIII  Joy Caudron


2011          Theme: Krewe de Charlie Sioux drops the Partybomb

                  King Charles XIV  Marty Pottebaum

                  Queen Siouxland XIV  Kandy Pottebaum


2012          Theme: The Roaring 20's

                  King Charles XV  Gary Billedaux

                  Queen Siouxland XV  Kala Billedaux


2013          Theme: The Myth Adventures of Charlie Sioux

                  King Charles XVI  George Jacobson

                  Queen Siouxland XVI  Shannon McSwain


2014          Theme: Things That Go Together

                  King Charles XVII  Richard Kleinberg

                  Queen Siouxland XVII  Judy Wright


2015          Theme: Games People Play

                  King Charles XVIII  John Chavonne

                  Queen Siouxland  XVIII  Marcie Miller


2016          Theme: Charlie Sioux Tells A Tale

                  King Charles XIX  Kurt Peterson

                  Queen Siouxland XIX  Melissa Peterson


2017          Theme: Carnival of Curiosities

                  King Charles XX  Chris Martin

                  Queen Siouxland XX  Pat Zimmer

2018           Theme: Toon Time

                   King Charles XXI Tony Comeaux

                   Queen Siouxland XXI  Frankie Sroufe

2019       Theme:  Masquerade Ball 2019


                     King Charles XXII  Dick Lindblom

                     Queen Siouxland XXII  Bernice Zachary


2020     Cancelled due to Covid

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