Krewe de Charlie Sioux

Things We Support

Below are some of the community events that Krewe de Charlie Sioux Supports:


The June E. Nylen Cancer Center's Boxers and Bras Event:

The Krewe de Charlie Sioux sponsored a pair of boxers and a bra for the Boxers and Bras Event in memory of krewe members we have lost to cancer - Joe Broussard & Ms Juanita McCray.  The display is entitled:  "Don't MASK the Reality of Cancer, Get Checked!"

The Boxers and Bras event was held on October 21, 2010.  The Boxers submitt by Krewe de Charlie Sioux won first place in the Most Inspirational category. Click here to view the award.


For more information on the Boxers and Bras event click here.